The "posts" section is located in the column on the left side of the profile page. Here you'll be able to view any post you've ever made to the site. Sections include:

Workout Posts
Weigh Ins

The Report section compiles all of your "quick log" information from your Whiteboard page. You'll be able to view your supplemental data possible causes for those performances.

The Workout Posts sections lists all of the workouts you've ever posted to. You'll be able to filter through them via a date range, or you can search for a key word. For example, if you type in "deadlift" in the search box, you'll get all of your workout posts that had deadlift in it.

The Testimonial section puts together a fun summary of your CrossFit journey. We'll show you key numbers from your earliest weigh-in to your most recent, so you'll be able to see your change in body composition over the years. The before and after pictures are also taken from your weigh-ins. If you don't tag any pictures of yourself to your weigh-ins, you won't see anything there. You'll also be to see some cool stats that will help to put your accomplishments in perspective. Testimonials are created automatically for you.