Fitness Level


Your Overall Fitness Level number can range from 0-100. It is a relative measure of Fitness, meaning it compares your performance to the rest of the community. A Fitness Level of 77 means you are more Fit than roughly 77% of the community. As athletes everywhere continue to improve, it will become harder and harder to stay in front of the curve.

Your Overall Fitness Level is determined by averaging your performance across 8 different categories. For each of these categories you will receive a Category Level, as seen in the bar chart above.

Fitness Level Categories

The categories include Power Lifts and Olympic Lifts, which are determined by your average levels of those respective lifts. The Speed category looks at your average levels for Shorter Runs and Rows (100m to 1000m), while the Endurance category looks at Longer Runs and Rows (1000m to 1okm). There are also four Conditioning/MetCon Categories. We have divided Benchmark workouts and other popular workouts into four different categories. The first three include Bodyweight, Light, and Heavy workouts, all 20 minutes and under. The Long category includes workouts where the average time to completion is greater than 20 minutes. By combining your levels in these 8 categories, we get a very broad measure of your overall Fitness.

Fitness Level History


To dive into more depth, simply click on the "view more details" link from the Fitness Level graph. We have also calculated Fitness Levels retroactively, so you will have accurate Fitness Levels for your entire history on Beyond the Whiteboard. We have graphed the history of your overall fitness level, as well as the history for each of the 8 categories, so you can see how those have progressed over time.