How do I add members to my gym?

You'll be able to add as many members to your gym as your subscription permits. You can add members by clicking on the gym drop-down menu in the top-right of the header, and then on either the "invite" or "create" links. Remember, only gym admins will see the gym drop-down menu.


The "create" link will produce a form. Have the prospective member fill out the form. You'll have to have the prospective member there with you as it will ask for an email and password. Once you hit the "create" button, the account has been created and placed in your gym.


The "invite" link will allow you to send the "create" form via email to everyone you wish to join your gym. This option is best if you don't have computers at your gym to set up people on the spot using the "create" link. This applies to users already on the site not yet in your gym. Just send them an invite.


*Special note: If you go through either of these routes, and you are set up for one of our gym fee packages, members will not have to submit credit card information. We highly encourage use of these options as it is the easiest way to go about adding members to your gym.