Can I display a leaderboard via a television screen in my gym?


You can now wirelessly display your WOD Leaderboard on any TV. Don’t worry about extra fees, it’s included in every plan we offer. In fact, we designed WODscreen to cost you as little as possible. If you already have a TV with a computer hooked up it’s free! Otherwise you can wirelessly connect to your TV for as little as $35 (Google Chromecast purchase).

Feature List

*Show the Gym Logo, Gym Name, and Today’s date *Show the WOD Description *Alternate between a WOD Leaderboard and a list of recent posts *Show WOD Stats including Total Posts, Rx’d count, and PR count *Alternate through all the Workouts assigned on the Tracks you’ve selected *Automatically update to the current days workouts


The WODscreen at CrossFit Kinnick, using a $35 Google Chromecast, a $40 Wall Mount, and a $350 TV. You can customize the WODscreen with various settings, including setting how long you’d like it to show each screen.


How to Use It

You can access the WODscreen through your Gym Admin menu.


Select the tracks you'd like displayed on the WODscreen. To select multiple tracks, hold the shift button and click more than one track. The leaderboard will rotate between the tracks.

The refresh rate will determine how much time is spent on each track.

Next, select how you'd like to connect to your TV. If you have a Chromecast set up, select "Google Chromecast" to launch a WODscreen optimized for the Chromecast. You need to be using the Chrome Web Browser with the Chromecast Extension. Once the WODscreen Launches, please resize your browser to match the black rectangular border. Then click the "Cast this tab" button. If you are connecting to your TV using anything other than Chromecast, select "other".

Tip: Once you decide on the settings you like, you can bookmark the WODscreen page itself. That will save your settings and save you time. Also, the page auto-refreshes and will automatically show the next day's WODs if you keep it running.

WODscreen + $35 Chromecast

Although the WODscreen is compatible with any TV setup, we recommend using it with the $35 Google Chromecast. It’s an inexpensive, wireless way to connect to your TV, without having to hook up a computer. There is no need to spend money for a new computer or worry about hiding all the wires. You just plug in the chromecast and control it from any computer on your network.

Another benefit of the Chromecast is you can easily display YouTube videos from your phone directly onto the TV. For a trainer, this in itself is reason enough to get one!